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Django (1966)

The movie opens with Django dragging a coffin behind him , he soon comes across a woman tied to a stake and being whipped , saving the woman he makes his way to the nearest village , which is in the middle of a war between a racist ex general and a group of bandits. Quite violent for its day with some good scenes, when we find out what's in the coffin and when a mans ear is cut off and he is forced to eat it are a couple. 7/10

A stellar cast tell the story of the West from one family's point of view . 7/10

A wild West show down on its luck enters a hidden valley that's the home for dinosaurs, they mange to capture one and being it back to put on show, of course something goes wrong and the beasties escapes. 7.5/10

A man with no name enters a small village that's is home for two waring gangs, he plays the two sides against each other. Vintage Clint with some fantastic scenes and one of the best soundtracks ever! 8.5/10

The legend returns as the man with no name , this time he's a bounty Hunter seeking a bandit leader and his gang , another bounty Hunter( Lee van Cleef) is also seeking them. First at logger heads they soon develop a mutual respect and team up together. Another fantastic soundtrack and a film that proves there will never be anyone as cool as Clint! 9/10
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