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Originally Posted by The Reaper Man@Cult Labs View Post
I watched this today and am glad to say that:

1.It's an official Paramount release after years of bootlegs.

2.It looks the best you're ever gonna see it,details which hasn't been clear to me on numerous formats,especially played on a good BD player.

3.It's got the trailer.

4.A reversible cover without that God awful Oz ratings logo.

So treat yourselves and buy it now!
Thanks for the heads up, I just bought one. This is one of my most badly wanted blu-ray titles and an official dvd will quite nicely tide me over until that happens. All I have right now is a poor quality laserdisc rip of The Keep. btw According to the Madman site, this dvd wasn't due to release till next month so it seems odd or unusual for a UK seller to have acquired copies so early:

Edit: Yet according to blu-raydotcom, the dvd was indeed released towards the end of January. Odd, you'd think the official site would have accurate info about this Madman Via Vision dvd.
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