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Originally Posted by hivemind View Post
I bet he did. The Guardian has always been at the forefront of the idelogical notion of the feminist movement, and pushing/promoting social change messages. The character of James Bond has been castrated by the femininst's who seem to prefer a more Alpha B to the standard Alpha A male Bond. I think this just says it all in the article

"It fits what she’s singing. The days when the lyrics of Bond themes invariably came laden with woeful double-entendres pertaining to the hero’s sexual prowess are long gone. (It reached a deranged pinnacle on 1974’s The Man With the Golden Gun, which required Lulu to note “he has a powerful weapon” before wondering, “Who will he bang?”)"

Yes. No more testosterone filled James Bond, but a more feminist approach to the Bond character. We can't have Bond behaving like an Alpha male can we. Hetrosexuality is obviously on the way out, to fit the new agenda of the castrated male or should I say gender neutrality. The Bond producers seem quite a happy let James Bond become a castrated male. Bland, boring and empty.
The way Bond treated Solange Dimitrios in Casino Royale, Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace, and Lucia Sciarra in Spectre would indicate otherwise.
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