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Magnum Cop (1978)

The late, great Maurizio Merli does his best Harry Callaghan impersonation in this fun, late entry Poliziotteschi.

Merli plays it straight but always brings a smile to my face and he works well in the second half of the film with Joan Collins, whose star was on the rise again following a few lean years.

Following a compelling action packed opening the film does become a tad talky until Collins introduction around the half way mark as a sultry stripper, but from then onwards Magnum Cop is an enjoyable ride until it's violent finale.

Perhaps not one of the best of the seventies Italian crime films, Magnum Cop loses much of the genre's hard hitting brutality that the Poliziotteschi initially assaulted us with, but for the most part it's an entertaining film and one i've seen several times on dvd.

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