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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Last night i watched Rose and The End of the World.

First time i've seen them in at least ten years (Mainly thanks to the cumbersome TARDIS box housing the discs which falls apart when you look at it) and Doctor Who in 2020 just isn't the same show.

People can think what they like about the character of Rose Tyler but within the first six minutes of the opening episode writer Russell T Davies had already turned her into a fully rounded character that we could all relate to. We'd seen her home, her mum, her boyfriend Mickey, her job and had a riveting slice of creepy sci-fi as shop mannequins came alive and tried to kill her.

Her relationship with the Doctor (an excellent Christopher Eccleston) seems so natural. She asks questions, the Doctor answers, the story moves at break neck pace.

There's none of the endless techno babble that Whitaker comes out with constantly even when there's no one around. Todays writing is so poor bordering on the nonsensical in that respect and there was certainly none of the preachy lecturing dialogue that is rammed down our throats nowadays.

Yes the Doctor tells Rose why they are witnessing the final moments of planet Earth during The End of the World but it's touching and brilliantly written as part of the story rather than friggin Whitaker looking at the camera lecturing any unfortunate soul who is still watching.

I'll be continuing with more of the first series tonight i think. It's just so much fun in comparison to what we have now which is no longer Doctor Who. Russell T Davies must be gnashing his teeth in frustration at the rubbish masquerading under the name Doctor Who in 2020.
I did the same thing last year, just before Xmas, watched the entire first series all the way through to Matt Smith's beginning. Jesus! You really do miss Dr Who, and actually mourn it's passing. The Unquiet Dead is very watchable, and the rather great Parting of the Ways with Bad Wolf. Peter Capaldi's outing in series 8 has some of the best material his Doctor ever got, in terms of written stories. Flatline was a marvel, and so was Mummy on the Orient Express. Good times. Miss them very much.
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