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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Bugger the viewing figures. I wish they had that quality of story.

Army of Ghosts and most of Doomsday were terrific episodes.

I won't even mention The Stolen Earth (nor it's 8.78m viewers).

I do think the last couple of stories (plus Spyfall) have been decent episodes, but when you come to watch them and then watch even an alleged lesser episode like Boom Town or The Long Game as two examples from series one, that you realise that the writing, especially the writing of the characters and their interaction simply isn't there, in fact nowhere near as good.

As a spectacle Ascension of the Cybermen was enjoyable.
Ascension of the Cybermen would be worth watching if it had four qualities, great writing (without the agenda driven shite), spectacle and a decent Doctor who can actually act, and companions who aren't like cardboard cut out's. Not a tall order to ask for is it. Overtime, it will become apparent that nothing can compare to what Russell T. Davies and Moffat put out. What went before was far superior to what went after series 10. You're look back and think how lucky you were until we got landed with Parody Who. You'll appreciate it far more. The days when Who still was Who.

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