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Popular music in 'Doctor Who' #56

Episode: 'Turn Left'
Artist: Queen
Title: Bohemian Rhapsody
* In a parallel world, Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble, Sylvia Noble, Rocco Colasanto and everyone else living at number 29 on a street in Leeds sang in 2009 on the night that all ATMOS cars emitted gas
* The song, originally written by Freddie Mercury (of course), was a huge hit in the UK (of course), reaching #1 for nine weeks when it was first released in 1975 (of course) and #1 again in 1991 when it was re-released following Mercury's death (of course)
* In the UK, it is the third-best-selling single of all time
* It can be found on the 1975 album 'A Night At The Opera'

As seen in the episode

The full song
People try to put us down
Just because we get around

Golly, Gee! it's wrong to be so guilty
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