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Originally Posted by Gothmogxx View Post
I've long since said that if these films came out in the 80's, then they would have been monster sized hits akin to the original Friday the 13th and its sequels. But regardless of when they came out, I'm just glad we have them around.

I'm glad we are apparently getting two more of them. Following that, maybe they could go the crossover route? Jason vs Victor? Kane Hodder plays Victor, Derek Mears plays Jason? I really don't like the idea of anyone else playing Victor as Kane just makes that role (he gets asked more about Victor at conventions than Jason now he claims). But he is 64 years old, so they would have to make them within a decade or so before stopping. I wish they'd go on forever like Friday the 13th does (I mean they could remake it but meh) but if they can get a couple more out and a potential crossover, I'm happy. I thought we were getting nothing more after Hatchet 3, so really anything by this point, including Hatchet 4, is a bonus.
Well said but would a cross over actually work, Freddy vs Jason got the big hype and ok maybe I got a little excited and well nuff said, Kane Hodder made Victor a icon only he can do it
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