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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Well said but would a cross over actually work, Freddy vs Jason got the big hype and ok maybe I got a little excited and well nuff said, Kane Hodder made Victor a icon only he can do it
Freddy vs Jason is a really good film, the last good film featuring both icons since 2004 I'd say. But it does have problems. The main character states something like "Jason is afraid of water and Freddy fire, how can we use that?"
Wrong Jason hides in water in Parts 4 and 7, walks into water in Part 6 to get Tommy and legit travels all the way to New York underwater in Part 8 (or perhaps he just teleported to New York, given how often he does that in the movie XD)! How did they screw that up? Same goes for Freddy: he never shows any real fear towards fire. Sure he reacts badly when he gets set on fire at the end of the Original (but I mean who wouldn't?!?) but it doesn't exactly inconvenience him. He's strong enough to make it all the way upstairs and strangle Nancy's mum. He's also surrounded by fire in several other sequels. So why this absurd thing with them having fears? That's my major gripe: the rest of the movie is amazing for what it is. The fight scenes had 11 year old me completely sold back in 2009.

Victor vs Jason could work if done right. Of that I'm certain. Especially if they got Adam Green as director with Joe Lynch as co-writer/producer. Imagine the possibilities...
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