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Super Bitch (1973)

Ivan Rassimov is an undercover cop who has infiltrated two drug gangs. One Italian, run by Mama the Turk (a bizarrely cast although pretty convincing Patricia Hayes) and the other in London hiding behind a front of an escort service which it uses to blackmail wealthy clients.

This Italian-British Poliziotteschi is an enjoyable crime thriller full of strong violence, car chases and double crosses galore, not to mention politicians dressing up as rabbits plus an exquisitely groovy score by Riz Ortolani.

Then there's the lovely Stephanie Beacham. Any fans of her are going to love Super Bitch. All in all Super Bitch is a fine example of Italian crime movies and remains memorable thanks to Massimo Dallamano's classy direction and great performances from Beacham and Rassimov.
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