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Default Mad bay

Mad Max 2.1981.
Ah the post apocalyptic films, back in the 1980’s the future (usually 1994) seemed like a life time away. now it’s not only round the corner but we have managed to overtake most predicted apocalypse Scenarios ,never mind what the bloody Mayans have to say...So the future could possibly be a lot of men in leather chaps with there backside hanging out and quite a lot of fetish wear, unless you’re the good guy’s, which means you will be wearing what looks like cricket clothes and padding to match ,all being orchestrated by a muscle Mary in a Metal mask and a dodgy German accent.And while mayhem ensuses,with probably some of the best car chases and non CGI stunt work ever filmed this side of Bullit, but what always brings a lump to my throat is when they kill Max’s dog.... although driving around the desert like a nutter in that V8 Interceptor is a petrol heads wet dream.

Bay of Blood.1971

Who does not like a pretty waterside resort. Well no one probably except the bay in question is more like a squalid pond full of squid and rotting corpses. Mind you the local residents are not exactly friendly, a more hideous bunch of back stabbing cretins you are ever likely to come across. Its not surprising that betrayal and blood shed ensue, although
The endgame of inherenting this piece of back water real-estate, really doesn’t seem worth all the bloodshed. Any how pretty much all these unlikeable characters end up on the end of someone’s machete, spear or shotgun, and is then dumped unceremoniously in the bay as squid food.I was gob smacked back in the days of Betamax and light perms for men.And even now this film still tickles that gore g spot, although I watched this straight after Friday the 13th part two and low and behold deja vu kicked in,go figure.
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