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Originally Posted by Nostalgic View Post
So amazon send me an email saying "no release date" for Beyond The Door.

Amazon have it listed as 6th April.

So does coronavirus mean pressing dvds is more dangerous than working in a shop? BecauseI'm still going in.

Arrow: Please continue to operate, shelf stackers the world over are shaming you, in contact with the public every day, getting shouted at. You're in a controlled environment.
I can't speak for this release or indeed for Arrow in general, but it's not at all hard to see how current or future restrictions could impact on the manufacturing process. I understand that California-based firms are now facing significant scheduling challenges, and while I don't think this has happened in central Europe yet (where the vast majority of British-label BDs are pressed), if there were larger-scale lockdowns in, say, Austria, the Czech Republic and/or Poland, there could well be delays that will be completely beyond the label's control.

And while some labels have staff that have worked from home for years (the coronavirus situation has had startlingly little impact on me personally), others haven't, and there's inevitably going to be an adjustment process in some cases. For instance, if your home broadband is substantially slower than what you're used to at work... well, I routinely transmit and receive files of dozens and sometimes hundreds of gigabytes (one of the masters I'm currently working on is half a terabyte, which was delivered to me electronically!), so it's easy to see how something as simple as that can significantly slow things down.
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