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Into the night.

Netflix original.
Its Netflix's first Belgian series

a group of people on a plane are hijacked while on board A flight from Brussels, the hijacker wants the plane to head west into the darkness in an attempt to survive the sun which seems to kill all living organisms during daylight including food products.
they spend the next few days flying around landing refuelling etc trying to find somewhere to survive, the series ends when they find shelter in a bunker, it has its flaws and faults like female helicopter pilot landing a plane by watching a YouTube video, or a home nurse doing major surgery. And as usual all the characters aren't just ordinary people they have a story to tell or they aren't who they say they are, But for all faults its decent, entertains and has the usual gripping moments that keep you watching the next episode it's like a new modern lost. There's only one series so far and it's 6 episodes .
7.2 on imdb

Plus it also make a change from the world ending from a zombie apocalypse or some virus.
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