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Some more Neighbours 2004 episodes (especially for Demdike), and some really great stuff I don't remember at all (which shows how long it's been!)

Sky's jealousy is written all over her face when Stingray starts asking Lana about her date, and she's clearly not at all disappointed when Lana later admits to her that it was a disaster because she was so uncomfortable. But it all gets a bit beyond the pale when Sky goes so far as to answer Lana's phone and actually blow the other girl off when she's looking for a second date. Wow. Of course, she insists she did it for Lana's benefit, which literally no one is buying.

Stingray is actually a real star in these episodes, actually becoming real friends with Lana (it's so cute how thoroughly charmed and disarmed she is by him, admitting to Sky that she thought he was a total bogan when they first met but now she thinks he's really sweet), comforting a shattered Serena (who's still deeply freaked at finding the guy she was about to sleep with is her half-brother - eww!), and, best of all, totally seeing through Sky and calling her out on being jealous. Sky's reaction to that almost makes it seem she's moved from Oblivious to Total Denial - a week ago she'd have laughed at that suggestion, but instead she flips out and gets really defensive.*

I must admit, I initially thought Lana was being a bit oblivious, but after the next episode, guess not. On one of their little private movie nights, where Sky continues to exhibit bizarrely contradictory behaviour, first draping her foot over Lana's in what totally looks like possessiveness, but then trying to make up for her earlier faux pas by suggesting a great date Lana and this girl could go on, Lana's finally had enough and just tells her flat-out that it sounds great, but she'd rather go on it with her, "you and me". Sky is taken off guard and speechless, and Lana's courage deserts her again and she makes her apologies and hastily withdraws. But later on with Sindi, she moves from castigating herself for being so stupid to listing all of Sky's weird recent behaviour and finally concludes that she's not crazy, and that she thinks Sky really does like like her, but is "just scared".

Well, I think she's half-right. It's pretty obvious by this point that Sky does have feelings for her, but I don't think she's at "scared" yet, just Denial. You can drown in that river in Egypt, you know, Sky...*
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