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Few bits yesterday. A 4K UHD of The Shining and a blu-ray of The Beast Must Die were delivered. Also went to Cex and picked up a blu-ray of Predator 2 for two quid. Original plan was to show The Beast Must Die to my wife but Amazon didn't deliver it till late and we enjoy watching films in the late afternoon.

So we ended up watching Predator 2 instead. I hadn't seen Predator 2 in years and was surprised at how enjoyable it was (bearing in mind that I don't like Robocop 2). The blu-ray had noticeable dnr but since my Predator 1 bd is the same, that probably wasn't too surprising. Was a fun watch, will definetly keep it.

I've had a sneak peek at The Beast Must Die and it looks very nice. It's actually the first time that I've seen it looking good if I'm being honest. Would recommend a purchase. 1.66:1 ratio with 1.0 mono sound if anyone is interested. btw A funny coincidence is that Calvin Lockhart is not just in TBMD but he also makes an appearance in Predator 2.
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