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Is Rockstar dead ?

It kills me to even say this about my favourite game studio i have LOVED Rockstar since GTA III i played the top down GTA games when they released but it was when GTA III appeared it changed absolutely everything i fell in love the city felt alive the characters the music the freedom it was amazing thousands of hour driving around Liberty City even to this day i go back to all the GTA game. GTA games went from strength to strength and my love kept growing and growing.

Other amazing games created or published by Rockstar Max Payne ,Manhunt, Red Dead ,Bully , LA Noire and the best movie tie in game of all the The Warriors.

In my eyes Rockstar could do no wrong GTA V arrived another amazing game its no GTA IV but thats my all time favourite game and its hard to improve on perfection all still going well then the downfall was announced GTA Online.....

It sounded exciting and so much fun i was well up for this i would put my Boring real world life aside and go live in the world of San Andreas and at the start it was fantastic it was everything i hoped for tons to do great game modes the community was fun free update every so often making sure it was always fresh and exciting. But then the updates started ramping up the price of in game purchases and the cracks began to show. Unless you were willing to part with real world money for shark cards to be able to buy into the latest updates you were left behind and more and more alienated.

Promises of planned single player DLC were quickly brushed aside for more expensive and more outrageous add ons totally moving away from the GTA V idea.

Suddenly the driving forces behind the entire GTA series left the company just out of the blue and it was really time to start to worry but now we all understand why this happened. Take Two who own Rockstar have zero interest in a single player GTA experience where is the money in that so now they just want to push GTA Online. They even tried to bring the same style of money grabbing to Red Dead 2 Online which is probably the end of any single player DLC for that game too.

With the latest move Rockstar have finally taking a big massive shit upon all the fans of the company and especially GTA series by announcing GTA Online for next gen thats one game three generations.

GTA V was released in 2013 and in 2021 we will get yet another release of GTA V with not even a hint at GTA VI. They literally make billions yes BILLIONS just from GTA series releases but f**k the fans we want that shark card money. Yes its the way of the world but this has broken my heart i never expected Rockstar to go out like this.

Only time will tell but i think it's getting close to game over for this company. At least we have the memories.
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