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Originally Posted by trebor8273 View Post
Bought this from Shamzon , ok the second is ok and the third not fit for a coaster but it was 29.99 and had 5 voucher from them when they screwed up on order so thought why not for 24.99.
I also ended up with The Matrix trilogy 4K UHD set. A while back I mentioned that I had ordered just the first film in this format but I ended up cancelling that and ordering this instead. Matrix 1 was costing 18.99 and I discovered that you could get the whole set for 26.99 from the WB webshop (with WELCOME discount code). For such little difference, I'd definitely rather have the boxset.

Yeah, Matrix Revolutions is quite the letdown indeed but that second film has some great stuff imo (such as the lengthy freeway scene) and to me, was certainly worth paying just eight pounds more for a UHD copy. Nice thing about this set is that the accompanying standard 1080p blu-rays have also been remastered (I like also having backup 1080p bds of any 4K UHD that I own).
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