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Originally Posted by Michael Brooke View Post
Five Tall Tales is region-free, and none of the films is available on Blu-ray in the US. The Budd Boetticher Westerns had been frequently requested from multiple labels over the years, and we had every reasonable expectation that a box of them would do well - which, happily, has been borne out by reality.

I'm guessing that you're significantly underrating their appeal because you personally have no interest in classic Westerns, but this project really wasn't anything like as big a gamble as you're making out. If it had been, we'd have gone with a much smaller print run than 6,000.
Michael, reading between the lines you seem to be suggesting that things like the Boetticher Westerns might not be as commercially viable in the future now that you guys are obliged to Region Code? Or at least have fewer copies made available?

I'm still hoping for a Columbia Boris Karloff set...
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