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Originally Posted by Michael Brooke View Post
The honest answer is that I don't know, and it's going to be quite hard to judge even from things like sales of Hammer volume 5 (the first region-locked Hammer box), because if it ultimately sells fewer copies than volume 4, there may be other reasons for this besides region-locking - with the best will in the world, not even the most rabidly uncritical Hammer fan is going to be able to pretend with a straight face that Visa to Canton and The Brigand of Kandahar are in the same class as Revenge of Frankenstein, Taste of Fear or The Damned.

But I can certainly confirm that the Columbia vaults will be fuelling more Indicator box sets.

Definitely not in the same class, but it it weren't for Indicator, they're probably films that i'd have went to my grave without seeing. The same can be said for Cash on Demand (whch IS a great film). That one is now on my Christmas watch pile every year (since it's a Christmas film).
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