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Default Books Vs The Movies

Nothing new here but Iíd like to get everyoneís opinion on this.
Do you prefer the book to the movie, or vice versa? If so,then which?
As far as Iím concerned, it can go either way. And obviously depending on if you prefer to sit down and watch a flick or your preference is to chill reading a book is usually gonna be the decider.
Iíve always thought that the book is considered in comparison to be like the ultimate extended cut of the DVD. For obvious reasons the novel is going to be longer and more detailed, but is this always a good thing? It could be you donít like the authors style of writing or the directors vision or technique of film making.
When you think about it thereís a lot to consider. So whatís your thoughts about particular titles?

Iíll start [emoji6]
The Exorcist. In this case I preferred the book. As I said above this book like many is the extended version of the film and is far superior. But I actually found the movie scarier. Maybe itís to do with the fact I watched the movie before reading the novel that this is the case. Iíll stop here before this initial post gets too long winded. Do whatís your thoughts on either this title or any other?

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