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Wicked Science: The Great Dork. Toby creates a time portal in his shed, and ends up unwittingly sending Russ back to the past while unleashing a caveman on the school. Probably the weakest episode of season 2 so far, not least because it takes way too long to get Elizabeth involved. It does get better in the second half, while it is interesting that we're on episode 6, and Elizabeth has only been the antagonist in the first 2 episodes, with Toby's experiments causing the trouble in 3 of the episodes so far. Elizabeth's reaction to finding the caveman is very funny - "I think he must be one of Toby's experiments... how cool!" - and she continues to be generally softer, including with Verity, who I don't think she's yelled at even once this whole season, and more adorably crazy than the complete nutjob she turned into in the second half of season 1.
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