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Season One.


Dr. Joel Fleischman arrives in Alaska and is told that he will not be working in the big city hospital he was expecting but will be the doctor of the small town of Cicely. Where he meets its odd ball characters

Maurice a ex astronaut whom wants to turn the town into a successful city.

Chris the town's local disc jockey , artist and philosopher

Holling the owner of the local bar who used to be Maurice best friend

Shelley a young beauty pageant winner and the reason Maurice and Holling don't speak.

Ed a young native American who loves movies but is not very bright.

Finally we have Maggie who hated Joel on site , Joel himself isn't too keen on her. But everyone else can see they are attracted too each other, even if they can't see it themselves.

Brains, Know-How & Native Intelligence

Ed asks Joel too see his uncle the local medicine man, Chris upsets Maurice after speaking of walt Whitmans sexuality on air and reading some of his poetry, he takes over the radio station which upsets the townsfolk no end with the constant playing of show tunes.

Soapy Sanderson

When Soapy Sanderson dies he leaves his land too Joel and Maggie, Maggie wants to use it for a nature reserve while Joel wants to sell the land to get out of his contract.

Dreams, Schemes and Putting Greens

Shelley is diagnosed pregnant, Maurice brings in some investors for Japan and Joel builds a golf course.

The Russian Flu

Joels finance comes to visit but the whole town comes down with the flu. Leading the townsfolk to turn on Joel.

Sex, Lies and Ed’s Tapes

Shelleys ex turns up Maggie thinks her curse has struck again ( every man she has been with has died) . We also have a Easter egg to Twin peaks with waterfall opening scene.

A Kodiak Moment

Maurice receives word that his brother has died ,with no other relatives this leads him to making Chris his "adoptive son" to continue his legacy. Holling goes hunting the bear that nearly killed him.

Aurora Borealis: A Fairy Tale for Grown-Ups

Chris is building a sculpture he calls the aurora borealis, a young man enters the town which he finds himself strangely drawing too and becomes friends with Chris , they learn they share the Sam father.

Joel learns of the legend of Adam which is believed to be a Bigfoot type creature. When Joel's truck breaks town one night he finds Adam who is not a monster but a man, Adam is played by Adam Arkin.

That's it for season one.

Also finished season one of Num3ers . ( only 13 episodes )

Now watching first part of battlestar mini series.

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