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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Still Game: Season 4.

Kill Willie: Winston gets his new leg from the hospital and doesn't turn out well as he thought with nice painted toe nails. Old Willie starts seeing the new woman Rena from the cafe, Isa thinks she is the black widow of Craigland.

Wireless: Tam manages to get a time share holiday for free and asks Jack and Victor to stand in for him as hospital DJ and become popular until a patient asks for a certain record to be played unaware why he asked for it.

Dial-A-Bus: Jack and Victor decide to make use of a Dial a Bus service until Davie the driver flips out and takes them hostage. Boabby the barman decides to have a day off and the brewery send in a temp Matt, Winston takes advantage of it.

Ring: Tam decides to propose to Frances the librarian, Winston is the best man, after showing the ring to Jack and Victor, Jack does a magic trick and accidentally swallows it, can he pass the ring before the wedding. Navid decides to sell out the shop to a Spire chain that doesn't go well.

Hatch: Jack gets satellite TV, Victor makes use of it and avoid Isa on the landing decide to create a hatch between the two flats. When Isa has a nosey at them and gets the wrong idea, everyone thinks they are a gay couple.

Who's The Daddy: The Clansman is under threat and may be sold for a property developer who wants to build cottages in the memory of his late mother, Jack, Victor and Winston believe that one of them may be the developers dad
There a lot of side tickling moments but first time I saw this clip I pissed my sides laughing, I was laughing for a while definately one of the funniest clips in the show, even tho there is quite a few .

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