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Still Game: Season 5.

Drama: The Bookies is open, Winston believes the new owner Frankie is actually Stevie who done a runner (Cairds episode) and plans to expose him. Jack and Victor head to a whiskey distillery for a day out.

Fresh Lick: Isa decides to let Jack and Victor decorate her house which doesn't go well, a Porno tape of Boaby is found by Tam which makes it's way round the scheme.

Smoke on the water: Victor's 75th is coming up, Jack decides to get a sail boat and go on the river Kelvin and run into a group of neds.

Hard Nuts: The Clansman is offered to take part in a TV show Blighty's hardest boozers, can the old ones pull it off being tough and Navid decides to have a bit of a laugh.

All The Best: Winston decides he has had enough of Crailang and moves to the coast Finport. Jack and Victor decide to go on a stag night with Fergie and the groom doesn't show up for the wedding, Jack and Victor were the last to see Fergie.

Saucy: Jack and Victor decide to go to Finport to see Winston, Francis sister Molly comes to visit and her tight fist with money gets Tam harder than a crossword.
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