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Still Game: Season 7.

Gadgets: The residents seem to buy new stuff from a magazine but unfortunately Jack ends up stuck in a bath.

The Undrinkables: Pete the Jakey has passed away, and we are introduced to Methadone Mickey, there is a new drink hitting the scheme with a serious side effect but no one knows where it's coming from.

Job: Methadone Mick is going for a job, Winston receives a letter about a parking fine that was ignored and Boabby is up for a ward for looking after Pete.

Small Change: After a year of marriage to Sinead, Fergie starts to doubt stuff and goes to Jack and Victor for advice. Navid and Boabby have a competition on who has the cushiest job.

Heavy Petting: Jack and Victor decide to be dog sitters and Isa manages to get the scheme talking about it, while she is in a bake off with Peggy.

Down and Out: Local Councillor is demolishing the high rises, Osprey Heights is next so the locals are enticed to a care home temporary which makes them feel they are in the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
" I have seen tree's that look like tortured souls"
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