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Originally Posted by trebor8273 View Post
the guardian they hate fun they only like pretentious and boring crap.

The Meg: "90s throwback (Cool Runnings) directs the set pieces with enough B-movie nous to elicit regular jumps, deftly pulls off a mid-film twist, and keeps everything moving, often in equally surprising directions: if the shark-versus-Statham bout doesnít tickle you, the shark-versus-Pekinese sidebar might. Not quite killer, but itís rare to see a 21st-century blockbuster having this much fun Ė right through to its sign-off Ė with its premise."

Bill & Ted Face the Music: "Not excellent maybe, but by no means bogus either, this cheerful Bill & Ted threequel brings the story of our two laidback heroes up to the melancholy autumn of their middle age.

Alex Winter is Bill Ė and heís eerily the same Ė and Keanu Reeves is Ted; though with that dark mop of hair framing his now rather Easter-Island-stern face, Ted looks more forbidding to me, as if carrying the baggage of Neo (from Matrix) and hitman John Wick. But with his weirdly lovable awkward gestures, Ted clearly still has no idea how or why to move his arms. Like the other two films, this is written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, and the director is Dean Parisot, renowned for the sci-fi comedy classic Galaxy Quest.


Itís amiably amusing, and Bill and Tedís Peter Pannish inability to accept the ageing process is enjoyably surreal, with a weird tinge of not-entirely-intentional tragedy. The failure to give Weaving and Lundy-Paine anything really funny to do is a problem; but all the cast are likable, and itís a sweet-natured journey backwards and forwards down memory lane.
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