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Are You Being Served: Season 8.

Is It Catching: Mr Spooner joins the ranks after taking over from Mr Lucas, and Mr Grossman takes over from Goldberg. Young Mr Grace is retiring and his brother Old Mr Grace takes over the store.The staff are placed in quarantine after a shell fish illness that Mr Humphrys brought into the store.

A Personal Problem: Trouble is brewing in the Peacock household and Captain Peacock is convinced his wife and Mr Rumbold are having a affair.

Front Page Story: Mr Humphrys becomes a representative of Grace Brothers swimsuit for men but when Miss Brahms refuses to participate they try to fill the gap.

Sit Out: When Captain Peacock's position is threatened the staff decide to strike against Mr Rumbold.

Heir Apparant: A shck comes to the staff when Old Mr Grace may be Mr Humphrys father.

Closed Circuit: Miss Brahms appears on a T.V. Commercial and hides her accent until she goes on a date and the voice switch may ruin her chances.

The Erotic Dreams Of Mrs Slocombe: Mrs Slocombe begins to have dreams of Mr Humphrys and chabged her attitude and behaviour to the customers.

Roots (Christmas Special) For Old Mr Grace's birthday the staff decide to trace his roots and perform a show until they realise his roots go further back than they expected.

Another season for laughs, Kenneth Waller replaces Harold Bennett as the old Mr Grace, Mike Berry steps in as Mr Spooner who's jokes and quims match up to Mr Lucas, With Mr Grossman who only appeared in a few episodes then Mr Klein steps in for the remainder of the season which seemed a bit daft to do.
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