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The Woman in Black (2012)

I was perhaps a little harsh when i 'reviewed' this last time, especially considering that I only watched it for around 20 minutes...

It turns out that it's a very competent gothic chiller, not as enjoyable as the 1989 TV movie but still very good. I remember not being very convinced that Daniel Radcliffe was a grief stricken father with a 4-yr old son, but I think he pulls it off very well.

There was one scene in particular that I thought was very striking, Arthur is in Nathaniel's bedroom investigating why a rocking chair is moving on it's own and there is a close up of a toy while he walks past with only a candle for light, the reflection in the toy's eyes makes it look like it's watching him walk around the room. I also loved the recovery of Nathaniel's body from his marshy grave and the car is trying to pull the trap out of the mud, it was very tense indeed!

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