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30 Days Of Unseen Horror

Day 17


Just days before his wedding Tom Stewarts ex shows up to try and get him back before she losses him forever. As they argue in a lighthouse she stumbles and falls with only the broken rail keeping her up Tom has plenty of time to save her but he decides to leave her drop to her death no one knows she has come to the island so its the perfect result for him but she is not giving him up without a fight. Everywhere Tom goes he hears her voice he sees her face he feels her presence she is constantly with him. The man is losing his mind and he is driven to do crazy things to keep his secret from his future wife.

This film is filled with some really creepy scene's and images like extra footprint walling with the couple down the beach and voices in the wind. Early in the film the soundtrack really didn't suit with was happening on the screen using swinging jazz rather than the creepy music we hear as the film progresses. Acting wise its a mixed back the main actors and actresses are all decent but i couldn't get my head around kid acting like an old woman talking about how much she was in love with Tom and how much she wanted to marry Tom instead of her older sister when the child is only about 7 or 8 which was a bit more creepy than the ghost

I love a lighthouse in general but in a horror a creepy lighthouse is alway great and here we have a creepy old lighthouse that sadly isn't used to its full potential even if it was just a shot of it in the dark or something.

Overall a really enjoyable story with a great ending.

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