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I Saw The Devil. 2010.

When a sadistic killer kills the daughter of the chief of police, her fiancee a trained secret agent goes on a hunt for the killer, can a man become a monster to stop a monster?

American and British gave us decent revenge films like Death Wish and Harry Brown, along came the Japanese and basically said "what you can do we can do better". This is my first time seeing this and certainly won't be the last, Byung-hun Lee plays the heartbroken Soo-hyeon set on a path of self destruction against crazed killer Jang played brilliantly by Min-sik Choi who plays a cat and mouse game. The acting, directing and cinematography is done brilliantly well and the fight choreography is done amazingly, just when you thought Soo catches the guy they start playing their game again. Well worth a watch.

" I have seen tree's that look like tortured souls"
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