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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
The missing footage needs to be reinserted. It would make Part 2 a genuine 5 star slasher movie.

Come on someone. Please add this footage and release a definitive F13TH box set.
The quality of the footage is not very good and would really jar you out of the movie. But given that this is the best quality available I agree they should have done a composite cut even if its just to show what might have been.

Practically every Ft13 film has been compromised by the mpaa. Some of the footage for the other parts looks quite strong. Doesn't look like there'd be that much of a quality jump for Part IV for instance.

I find it slightly irritating that directors/studios when doing this trade off with the mpaa weren't more diligent in keeping the snippets of original negative from the mandated cuts.
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