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I finished Final Fantasy XII last night, racing to complete before PS5 day. I have to say that's one of the best JRPG stories ever and the voice acting is fantastic all around. Also, for it's time the animation in the cutscenes was spot on, really natural, in the end credits I noticed they had motion actors.

I may have over egged the grinding though, modern JRPGs can be punishing without a bit of a grind between boss battles so I got to level 50 and the last run of 5 boss fights was a bit of a cakewalk.

Now I'm just impatiently waiting for Shopto to send me my dispatch email and tracking number

Also, quick question... If your plus membership lapses and you sub again do you still have access to the games you added to your library or is it a new slate? I bought a 12 month card because it was 11 cheaper than paying the sub fee but I've turned auto-renew off so I can look for a deal later...

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