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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
So the PS5 DualSense controller... I thought all the online bloggers were just being overly enthusiastic but that haptic feedback is something else! So you get this free platform game with the console called Astro's Playroom and it's basically a showcase for the controller. You can feel the footsteps as your character is running, you can feel force when it's windy, you can feel the rain, and in one level it's hailstones so you can feel the difference. It's kind of mindblowing.

And the triggers! Normally out of a game they just feel like normal trigger buttons, then inside the game they have increasing pressure as you squeeze the trigger and then like a pop as you shoot - it's witchcraft!!

I just wish I had some launch games but I'm not spending 50-60 on something I'm not really interested, so I'm playing PS4 games in 4k @60fps

Planning to get Immortals Fenyx Rising though next month.
Will the novelty of the controller wear off and become annoying playing a game when you can feel everything or do it feel ok.
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