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Originally Posted by Trashforcash View Post
I went for the 9 disc blu ray set. Its 70 on Amazon (down from 120 at the moment). Book etc is in Italian but I think (and please god hope) the films have English language and turn off-able subtitles. Never been too pushed on the Rob Zombie ones anyway (though they're nowhere near as bad as reputation suggests), and I bought the Halloween 2018 4k UHD from Cex for like 8 last year (though again, it's just ok). I was sold on the Italian set as it has Halloween 6roducers cut which I've never seen. Halloween 6 is a guilty pleasure of mine and a cant wait to see Michael trapped by a circle of runic stones!

It's not a patch on the SF edition but I cant justify remortgaging the house for that.

Also, I expect we wont see a complete Halloween set until the release of Halloween Ends in 2022, and that's just too far off.

Still, some days I look in the mirror and think "why? Why did I spend 70 on an italian blu ray set? How will I explain this to my wife?" Its stuff like this that makes you re-evaluate your priorities. Although I wouldnt give up my Spanish Hell Night or Australian Demon Knight for anything!!!
Thanks! I (drunk) bought the 9 disc blu ray set last night, despite having the films already, I just KNOW my wife will ask WTF????
However, like so many things in life, you had to be there! Lol! And there's worse things we could be spending money on than movies.

Should be with me by Wednesday! Thanks for the recommend!
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