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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Episode 1: Four siblings Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund, evacuated to a countryside manor during WWII, Lucy discovers a wardrobe and steps into it discovers a another world called Narnia that is ruled by a witch who has turned the land into constant Winter.

Episode 2: Lucy goes through the wardobe again to meet the faun Mr Tumnus and Edmund arrives in Narnia and meets the White Witch. When Lucy tells Peter and Susan, Edmund denies he was there and that he and Lucy were playing about.

Episode 3: After the children hide from the housekeeper and step into the wardrobe, Peter and Susan now believe Lucy was telling the truth and Lucy takes them to Mr Tumnus hut.

Episode 4: The siblings discover what has happened to Mr Tumnus and are met by Mr Beaver who takes them to the dam, when Edmund leaves, they discover that he may be heading to the White Witch and they must move on.

Episode 5: The siblings meet The Lion Aslan and tells them of the prophecy of Narnia, Edmund returns and faces uncertainty from the other creatures of Narnia.

Episode 6: The journey for the siblings is not over as they prepare to do battle and keep the hopes of Narnia alive.

I got one god thing to scream out...I want my childhood back pronto!!! The joys of seeing this on Sunday afternoons on BBC, ok it is a bit low budget but you go with what you got. I remember the series being slated badly by C.S. Lewis who hated the dramatization but for a child of 7 years old this was amazing and years later sadly...I still enjoyed it, The acting and effects were a bit laughable but isn't some of our childhood favourite films and T.V. series.

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