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Wicked Science: Ghost Girl. The arrival of a Hollywood horror movie starlet who wants to spend time at a "normal" school does not impress Elizabeth, and she's particularly disgusted at her classmates fawning over her. But when said starlet deliberately embarrasses her on a school outing, Elizabeth decides to teach her a lesson about what it's really like to be scared... This is a silly but fun episode. I didn't think I was going to like it much at first, but even though this is a plot you can easily see being done in season 1, it's done very differently here than it would have been then. Although Elizabeth is still being rather petty, she's ultimately just pulling a harmless practical joke, with no intent to hurt anyone, and does actually seem to be having a good time doing so. And her reaction to Toby spoiling it early is not to get angry but just kind of roll her eyes and complain, "You are such a party pooper!" And you know what - she's right!
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