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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
I'm definitely very late to game but I just started watching Cobra Kai this afternoon after I discovered that Netflix DOES play on my work laptop... perhaps with working from home they're a bit more lenient?!

Are you supposed to really not like Daniel at the beginning? Granted I've only seen 2 eps so far but I'm totally rooting for Johnny at this point.
Yes I think so, he's a complete dick doing things that he hated Johnny for. He goes back to be old ways but next episode he's back too being a dick. Johnny tries to get on with his life but Daniel won't let him, Johnnys also carrying a lot of baggage because of Kreese.

As Gag says they both need to grow up and release the past is the past and it was over 30 years ago.

In a lot of ways they are bigger kids than the kids and it's there actions that lead too whats to come.

But if you gave me a choice I would hangout with Johnny any day of the week over Daniel!
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