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Originally Posted by nicholasrope View Post

A Sit-Com where Jason Biggs is a Father of 3 genius Children and he and his Wife try to deal with all their shenanigans especially 2 of them a comedic borderline psychopathic. Cancelled after 10 episodes, it wasn't all that bad, it definitely had it's moments. A fun moment was when Alyson Hannigan and Eddie Kaye Thomas appeared as fellow Parents and there was an American Pie joke, I cracked up.

Prodigal Son

Season 1 which sees Tom Payne as a Police Profiler with a Father (Michael Sheen) who is a notorious Serial Killer. The Season follows numerous individual storylines with a couple of Season long storylines.

It had a great start, faltered in the middle but had a really hot ending (Like the Movie Gone Girl). Sheen is awesome with great support including Lou Diamond Phillips and Keiko Agena as a slightly bonkers Coroner.

Waiting for Sky to start Season 2, it's 2021 surely with the advent of streaming websites, surely the gap between showings in The U.S. and U.K TV shouldn't be as long.

It's the same with other shows like Bull, NCIS, Young Sheldon...etc.
Really enjoyed prodigal son , Sheen was amazing as always, mind if I was married to that woman i would be a serial killer as well!
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