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Who: Before And After #320
Name: Richard Ireson
Year(s): 1968-1969
Stories: The Krotons episode 1, The Krotons episode 3 The Krotons episode 4
Character(s): Axus
NOTE: Had previously appeared as a Clockwork soldier and (uncredited) as the Minotaur in 'The Mind Robber'

Before Who:
Film: None
Television: Dr. Finlay's Casebook: Time Past: Time Future

After Who:
Films: The Darwin Adventure (1972), Thank You, Comrades (1978), Tiny Revolutions (1981), A Flame to the Phoenix (1983), Scandalous (1984), Christmas Present (1985), Prick Up Your Ears (1987), Hidden City (1987), Out of Order (1987), Closing Ranks (1988), Chicago Joe and the Showgirl (1990), Blood Royal: William the Conqueror (1990), The Object of Beauty (1991)

Television: Sentimental Education: Last Love / Advent of Steam: The Iron Horse / The Onedin Line: Coffin Ship / The Hole in the Wall [6 episodes as Joe] / Z Cars: Old Acquaintance / Soldier and Me [9 episodes as Henchman Greasy] / Horizon: The Lysenko Affair / A Pint of Plain / Plays for Britain: Sunshine in Brixton / Bill Brand [2 episodes as Wellburn]Play for Today: Bet Your Life / Play for Today: Nuts in May / Play for Today: Through the Night / Softly Softly: Task Force: Say It with Flowers / Here I Stand...: The Gadfly/ The New Avengers: Hostage* / Hazell: Hazell Gets the Boot / The Greeks: A Journey in Space and Time: Heroes and Men / We, the Accused / Masterpiece Theatre: Sons and Lovers [2 episodes as Doctor] / Bird of Prey [2 episodes as Detective Sergeant Eric Vine] / BBC2 Playhouse: Jake's End / Five-Minute Films: The Birth of the Goalie of the 2001 F.A. Cup Final / Reilly: Ace of Spies: Prelude to War / The Nation's Health [3 episodes as Stephen Morwell] / Johnny Jarvis: 1979-1980 / Crown Court: Oddball / Diana: November 1940 / Minder: A Well Fashioned Fit-Up / Charlie: Charlie Is My Darling / Juliet Bravo: No Peace / Travelling Man: Moving On / The Practice [3 episodes as Jack McClelland] / Gems [3 episodes as Vic Berman] / Bulman: Pandora's Many Boxes / Hold the Back Page [10 episodes as Frank McNab] / The Monocled Mutineer [2 episodes as Inspector Ritchie] / Running Wild: The Last of the Red Hot Rock N' Rollers / Star Cops: Conversations with the Dead / The New Statesman: Three Line Whipping / Rockliffe's Babies: Go for It / Screen Two: Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Screen Two: Border / Hard Cases / London's Burning / EastEnders [17 episodes as Sparrow] / Christabel / Shady Tales / The Nineteenth Hole / Home James!: Walking the Dog / Spender: Iced / Chancer: Blood / Poirot: Death in the Clouds / Love Hurts: Let's Do It / Inspector Morse: Happy Families / Sharpe: Sharpe's Rifles / Between the Lines: New Order / Woof!: Miranda
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