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Witness. 1985.

Young Amish boy Samuel and his Mother take a trip to the city and head to Baltimore. While waiting for their train, Samuel goes into the restroom and witnesses a murder, John Brook is assigned to the case and tries to protect both Rachel and Samuel from corrupt cops.

This was more heartwarming drama thriller rather than a big crime thriller which is what i was expecting, and still enjoyed it. Harrison Ford plays John Brook who as a outsider is unwelcome bu the community yet tries his best to warm up to the Amish ways. Kelly McGillis plays the widow to Samuel played by Lucas Haas who seem out of their way heading to a city and see strangers. Peter Weir delivers a powerful dramatic love story with a crime element added in with a clash of cultural differences mixed with a nice background score Maurice Jarre.

" I have seen tree's that look like tortured souls"
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