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Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigel is the uptight TV Producer who's Morning News Show is in ratings trouble so her bosses bring in a vulgar Relationship Expert played by Gerard Butler. They but heads but reach the inevitable climax. I found this to be very funny with Butler showing his versatility.


Michael Sheen is a Terrorist who's been captured after planting 3 Nuclear Bombs. Samuel L. Jackson is the Interrogator who's methods are extreme and Carrie Ann Moss is The F.B.I Agent who doesn't improve.

I found this in a CEX as I was loading up on cheap films in case of emergency and this film is awesome, Jackson excels as the psychotic maniac using numerous torture methods, Sheen is awesome as always and Moss plays her role as well. It is graphic and it does make you think on whether such methods are necessary to avert Terrorist Incidents.

The Odds

A low budget film with 2 main characters and 3 minor ones which sees a woman participate in a Pain Endurance competition (Willingly tortures herself) which is broadcast on The Internet.

Never heard of this film before today and I enjoyed it, the 2 main leads are really excellent, it's tense and brutal in places. Other than a couple of plot holes and the finale is slightly long, worth seeking out if you are into this sort of film (Don't let the 15 certificate put you off)

Pulse (1988)

A man, his girlfriend and his son move into a house but it appears that a surge has cause the household items to try and kill them. I wasn't too sure about this one regarding getting the Blu-Ray because I originally thought that it would be outdated but after watching the trailer, I was intrigued and whilst not the greatest film I've seen, it wasn't bad either.
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