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Originally Posted by Rob4 View Post
All the Warren's have there moments...

I guess Prey is the most difficult to like for a lot of people as it's got loads of padding, terrible dialogue and the kills are mostly offscreen. But... for me anyway, it sticks in the memory. It could be the strange atmosphere and/or the climax, which I won't spoil here...
For me, Prey is comfortably the most original of Warren's horror films - let's face it, you're unlikely to go "God, not another film about a flesh-eating alien disguised as a human being shacking up in the middle of nowhere with two lesbians who don't know any actual human males and so think that his bizarre behaviour is normal" - which helps keep it going over the longueurs.

But I'd gladly have cut the lesbian sex scene to about ten seconds - it's quite fun to watch in the knowledge that neither Warren nor his actresses knew what lesbians actually did together (it's more entertaining to watch with the commentary than with the original film soundtrack), and I obviously understand the commercial imperatives, but the film basically stops dead at that point.
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