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Originally Posted by Justin101 View Post
TV channels are quite sensitive to graphic suicide 'procedure' as it were, the fact that the scene focuses on Dead cutting his wrists vertically along the vein is what would cause the snips. It is quite a brutal and unflinching scene in the full version of the film. I wonder if they made the edits themselves or they used the R-Rated version from America?
Originally Posted by Nosferatu@Cult Labs View Post
A scene like that would receive an 18 certificate from the BBFC, which is why the DVD and Blu-ray releases of John Wick II are cut, though I'm not sure why the 4K Ultra HD release is uncut.
Judging by the shots on Film4 seems to have cut a bit more than the R rated version. The throat slitting and shotgun blast to the head are both uncut though.

John Wick 2 is an 18 on 4K. Sony did the same thing with both Equalizer films and Brightburn, cut dvd and blu ray but uncut 4K. Don't know why Fox didn't do that with Red Sparrow though. All releases in the UK are cut.
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