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No time to die

Iím surprised there havenít been more reviews on Cultlabs. Itís been out almost a fortnight now! Lol.

Mrs Funster and I saw the new Bond last week. Its definitely not my favourite entry. Iím a bit scared to say anymore than that incase I taint anyoneís view or accidentally give away a spoiler!

Iíll just have a moan behind a spoiler alert. I promise I wonít give away any plot spoilers, Iíll just moan and moan.


It didnít have the big action packed opener that other bonds have had. The slow start introduced Rami Malek as the villain and to give some back story. The action packed Ďopenerí came a while later and was tied into the Bond back story, referencing the other films and giving nods.

From there it morphed towards one of those 80s action movies where our hero is a bit older and washed up, hiding out in the wilderness like a hermit and drinking too much - you know the films where, in civilisation, itís all kicking off and the generals can only think of one person who can possibly save the day, though they didnít go so far as to say ďBond?! Heís a loose cannon!! Ö but, godammit heís the best chance weíve got..!Ē So they go to get him and heís reluctant to get involved. They appeal to his better nature and talk him into it, just like they did with Rambo (probably).

From there it felt like 2 more hours of cliches and cameos.

I feel like this could have been any spy movie. Iím a big Bond fan, and I really like Daniel Craig.

For me, NTTD just didnít have that ĎBond magicí.

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