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Originally Posted by MacBlayne View Post
Wrote a review for it last week. I have my issues, but I loved it. My second favourite of the Craig era.

1. Casino Royale
2. No Time to Die
3. Skyfall
4. Spectre
5. Quantum of Solace

Yes, I read your review after I saw the movie. Id just been expecting the reviews to really come flooding in. I must have overestimated how eagerly the movie was anticipated among members! I share so much of my film tastes among members that I need to occasionally remind myself that we still like different things :-)

I agree with the points you make and about how the Bond character has evolved to leave the womanising and the wisecracking for new priorities. But, for me, the womanising and wisecracking were all part of the package along with the out-of-this-world (and sometimes really ridiculous) gadgets.

Although I should add that the Daniel Craig films are the only ones weve been able to watch with the kids. I dont know how comfortable Id be explaining to my 8 year olds impressionable young mind why Bond has brought the woman in the bath a pair of shoes to wear instead of clothes! Lol.

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