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Originally Posted by Demdike@Cult Labs View Post
Most modern movies / discs will look good on upscaled dvd as long as it's not being watched on a 65" screen or similar, but some of the older ones really don't.

Anchor Bay's Two Evil Eyes and also Halloween II from Sanctuary. They don't look great. I noticed Halloween II in Asda today for £3. It's the same release as the Sanctuary one with the Kim Newman / Stephen Jones commentary and was going to get it as an improvement over the one i currently own, then noticed it was from Scanbox and decided it would be the exact same print as the one i already have.

The two dvd's i watched last night Pumpkinhead Ashes to Ashes and Hell Fest looked really good on a 4K tv.

My Creepshop disc is this old R1 Warner Bros release. The PQ is so bad. Itís so super dark during the Jordy Verril story that you can barely see the imagine at all.


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