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Default A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wife was sick today so I was unable to watch a film. Instead, I played A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES.

It's a bog standard platformer that apes Castlevania. You have to collect Freddy's bones that are scattered all over the place, all while avoiding bats, bedsheet ghosts, big rats, spiders, and what looks like Frankenstein's monster. Graphics are rather nice, and the music is decent.

It isn't too bad, but the control is off a bit. There's a slight delay with jumping, and the basic attack has a long charge down. Thankfully, you can unlock Dream Warrior abilities (from Parts 3 and 4), which have some range.

There are some neat innovations. Take enough damage, and rather than dying, you transport to the dream world. Here, enemies are tougher, and you need to find a radio to wake up again. If you stay too long in the dream world, Freddy will surprise attack you.

If you have some friends around, you can play four player mode. I'm sure that is a laugh. Otherwise, I can't really recommend this when you could just play Mortal Kombat 9 or Dead by Daylight for your video game Freddy fix. That all said, I did feel that pleasing sense of nostalgia while jumping over snakes and Fred-heads.
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