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Originally Posted by Nordicdusk View Post
30 days of unseen horror

Film 5

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Six scientists go to a country manor to investigate strange goings on after 18 people are all murdered in one night a few years previous in a variety of different ways. The house in situated on land used by a satanic cult who plan to murder the scientists for entering the house of satan.

I can't say i enjoyed this one at all the humour was just annoying and annoying characters especially Kenny Everett i used to think i liked Kenny Everett but apart from this a few weeks ago i saw him hosting Top Of The Pops 70s he was dressed as a farmer and just rolling around of the floor i didn't laugh. Anyway back on topic the only reason i decided to watch this was purely for Vincent Price and i always loved that he wasn't afraid to have a bit of fun but i just felt bad watching him in this mess. I have nothing good to say.
Bollocks Nordi!

A cult classic!

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