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30 days of unseen horror

Film 8


After committing some horrendous crimes a husband and wife are sent to a mental institute until the authorities are convinced they are crued. 15 years later Edmund and Dorothy Yates are released back into society. They move into a cottage out in the countryside to be by themselves but old habits die hard and it's not long before Dorothy is back on the hunt for fresh meat. The Yates have a daughter who has been kept in an orphanage while they were locked away she was released into the care of Dorothy's who keeps her parents troubled past away from her step sister who has never seen her parents and has never even spoken about them but does murder run in the family.

The first thing that struck me right of the bat was how bloody infuriatingly annoying Debbie was just a complete bitch she was making my blood boil as soon as she started talking acting like a spoilt little little arrogant bitch. Even more disturbing was later when we discover she is only 15 after what she was getting up to in the nightclub at the start bloody hell she should be at home having a tea party with her Barbies not getting man handled but some biker

Sheila Keith is amazing as Dorothy acting like an old dear all confused and innocent and in the flick of a switch a murderous maniac. I loved her attitude towards her victims during the tarot card readings just bloody brilliant and she looks like she is having a blast when it's time to murder someone and she pulls out her trusty drill showing it off like a loving mother showing off her newborn child.

The only character is didn't really take to was Graham he was a bit of an arsehole considering he was on a first date with Jackie he is screaming his head off at her and talking to her like garbage over her handling of her sister it just went from 0 to 100 in a second with him plus she was pretty rubbish at coming up with a fake backstory for himself

This was a fantastic film

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