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Originally Posted by MrBarlow View Post
Land On Of The Dead. 2005.

With the dead outnumbering the living, those still alive now living in part of the city walled in but the zombies are advancing quickly with intelligence.

Will hold my hands up Day of the dead (both original and remake) are not my favourite and was very hesitant about this and when I first watched it, this was brilliant. Not sure if Simon Baker was a great choice but still manages to pull it off. Dennis Hopper is always good as the antagonist and never over acts anyone as the shady property owner.

The plot is good as the zombies seem to be thinking more and like the living looking for their own sanctuary and set their sights on the walled city, but at least some are making a living with the zombies in a fighting ring and get your picture taken with them, always good to see Tom Savini do a somewhat reprise a role as the machete thug from the second one.

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I had the same opinion when it came out. Used to dislike Day of the Dead, but really enjoyed Land.

A few years later, I was watching them all with my brothers, and surprised myself with how I loved Day. It was exhilarating.

Land, was still fun, something was off about it.
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